How to Find Your Peace While Being at Home


Are you finding it hard to be at home, either by yourself or the whole family is there with you?

Staying home does not have to mean being boring, stressed, or depressing. It could very well be an act of simple living.  A way of slowing down, reconnecting, or just plain refueling your mind, spirit, and soul.  Most ladies find themselves feeling trapped, stuck, or abandoned at home but really it most likely is you just do not love your home. And you, the wife, mom, or homemaker, are the ones to fix this.  Fixing this does not mean redecorating or repainting. Really there is no amount of money to fix this inside of yourself.  It means you need to reconnect with your home and love it for what it is and for what it means.


  1. Make a Meal Plan

There is something so satisfying about being in control of things and if one of those is your budget and your weekly meal plan, then now is the time to get back to doing this.  Or if you have never tried it, now is a great time to start.  Nothing says love more than budget-friendly meals and a shopping list that is for just what you need. It is quite simple to do on your own or look on the internet for meal planning membership sites.  Ask your family what some of their favorite meals are and start planning from there.  Do not forget to leave a little room for an occasional meal out or take-home pizza.


  1. Make a Cleaning Schedule and Follow it

I find that if my home is clean then I tend to relax more.  If I see a load laundry that needs put away or dirty dishes in the sink, I feel like I cannot enjoy the day until I know it is all done. So, to help with this part of the home, I find that having a schedule and sticking with it brings joy to my heart and helps me to love being home.  There are many ways to make your schedule and assign jobs to others in the family as needed.  Spend some time today to start your cleaning schedule that will work for you. And then remember to start your day with tidying up the home so you can relax and enjoy your home all day long.


  1. Make a Personal Spot for You

What is your favorite thing to do when you have some downtime? Do you sew, read, quilt or bake? Do you enjoy skimming cookbooks for new recipes? Do you take time each day to read the Bible or studying God’s Word? Find a corner in a room or somewhere in the house that you can make comfortable just for you.  Maybe a small lamp, favorite chair, or a candle.  Something that picks you joy and comfort.  Make the space “Yours” and then spend time there each day if you can.  You will LOVE how you feel when you give yourself a little “me” time.


  1. Unplug – Put All Devices Up for A Time Period

Make a point to find time where you do not pick up any devices to check social media, play games, or even text people.  Learn to look around your home and find things to do or enjoy that just involves your home.  You find that the more you do this, the more you will not miss your devices or time online.  Find out what is going on with your family, in your home.  You will fall in LOVE all over again with your home when you spend time giving attention to those who live there or the things sitting around there.


  1. Plant a Garden or Hang Some Bird Feeders

Adding anything that you can see from your front window or front porch will help you enjoy your home and being at home.  Sit in your chair and gaze outside the window to see what is going on there at your home place.  There is something about watching something grow or birds coming to eat, that brings a sense of joy and peace to you.  And as time goes by, you will feel the feeling of accomplishment as you enjoy your flowers, your veggies or watching the birds come back again and again to eat.  You will LOVE being home to see it.


  1. Be Creative Every Day

I am not saying COMPLETE something every day.  I am saying use your mind, talents, or interest and do something creative every day.  Work on a puzzle, sew on a quilt, add a few more photos to a family photo album. Do not get in the kitchen to do something if you do not find joy or peace in baking or cooking. This is a time for you to look forward to and to get excited to come back to the next day. Keeping your mind busy with projects like this will keep you from thinking about the things you could be doing outside the home, like shopping or running errands that did not really need to be done.


  1. Clean Out the Closets and Cabinets

Declutter your home and do not hold on to things that are not needed or being used. Taking your everyday practical spaces and make them more appealing to you will help you LOVE your home. Try making your cabinets and fridge pretty when you open them. Nothing is more depressing than to pull a drawer open and see a jumbled mess. This is not fun to do and you must make a conscious effort to do this. But when I open a door and find everything looking pretty and organized, I LOVE being at home.


  1. Clean up and Decorate Your Front Porch or Door

When you look outside, what is the first thing you see? Is your front porch or front yard neat and picked up? Does deck furniture need clean or repainted? You might not realize it right now but looking outside and seeing a beautiful clean porch or yard will help you LOVE being at home.  Add some color or decorate for the season.  You do not have to spend money, just find things around the house or yard.


  1. Open the Curtains and Blinds

There is something about letting in the sunlight that just adds joy to inside a home.  It warms the soul and adds a smile to your face when everything is bright and cheery.  Sometimes your home will feel like a prison when it is dark inside the rooms. So, pull back that curtains, open those blinds, and fall in LOVE with your home every morning.


  1. Decorate for the Seasons

Again, you do not have to spend a lot of money or even spend any money at all.  Find things around the home to move around or add to the season and invite your family and friends to celebrate with you.  This may mean rearranging your furniture to make a conversation grouping instead of facing the TV.  Set items of interest out to open others to the things you love. Mix things up around the house without spending any money. Simply rearranging throw pillows, blankets, frames, and fresh flowers make a big impact. Keep in mind many small things can look like clutter, but a few bigger ones make more of a statement.


Love your home

When you are taking care of your home it will take care of you. I am not saying to never go out or leave the house but during this time we have been living in, I think we all have found ourselves at home more than ever before so hopefully some of my ideas will make you fall in LOVE with your home and make you want to be there more.


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