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We have put together a Household Inventory Kit to help every family!

Household Inventory Kit

No more heading to the store and wondering what you were needing or what did you run out of when you have your list all together with you.   The days of having so many bottles of mustard in the pantry can be gone. The problem of someone taking the last roll of paper towels out of the stockpile and you not knowing will end.


These inventory lists will be a huge help with menu planning and staying on budget. It is good to know what you have left in the freezer and what you have run out of. Keep your mealtime interesting by having a variety of vegetables on hand at all times. How about those days when there is company on the way and you can’t find the cleaners needed to wipe up the bathroom. Our inventory checklists will help you to know what is there and what is needed. With our Household Inventory Kit, you will be able to know what is in the freezer, pantry, and household supply closet all in one file. 


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