Cool Gifts You Can Make From Leather

There is something so special about leather. It can be tough as nails or as soft as cloth. But no matter what the texture, there is this aroma with leather that just makes you want to bury your nose in everything made from it. We have gathered Cool Gifts You Can Make From Leather. New bags, shoes, it doesn’t matter. And the bliss of walking into a store that sells boots and hats is hard to describe if you’ve never been there.

Is it any wonder why things made from leather make such great gifts? And that is even more true when you’ve made the gift yourself. Yes, even if you’ve never worked with leather before.

I’ve collected some great ideas for items made from leather that would make a great gift for someone special in your life. Whether you are an expert leather worker or literally trying your first project, you will likely find something on this list that will fit your abilities and budget.

Homemade gifts are always the best, right?


1. DIY Leather Sketchbook – The Merry Thought

2. DIY Leather Skinny Belt – Delia Creates

3. DIY Leather Tassel Keychain – A Beautiful Mess

4. Easy DIY Leather Napkin Ring – Over the Big Moon


5. DIY Leather Cuffs from Old Belts – Make It Love It

6. DIY Leather Magnetic Bookmarks – Make and Tell

7. DIY Leather Yoga Mat Strap – The Merry Thought

8. Modern DIY Leather Baby Boots – Delia Creates

9. Woven Leather Bench DIY – A Beautiful Mess


10. DIY Leather Foldover Clutch with Tassel – Mad in Crafts

11. DIY Leather Luggage Tags – Damask Love

12. DIY Leather Passport Covers with Cricut – Artsy Fartsy Mama

13. DIY Stamped Leather Keychains – The Merry Thought

14. DIY Leather Cord Organizers – Delia Creates

15. Wood and Leather Magazine Holder DIY – A Beautiful Mess 


This is a wonderful list of items that will make great gifts for holidays and birthdays.  There is something for everyone.  If you make one of these, leave us a comment and a photo here on our post or on social media.  Just tag us, Just Simple Hospitality, on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. 


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