Christmas Cookies – 30+Recipes

The holidays are coming and here at our house, that means Christmas Cookies!  We love to bake Christmas cookies and we have family recipes from several generations back. Do you have recipes for cookies that you have passed down and love to make? 


We have put together a list of 30+ cookies for you to pick your favorite from & share with family and friends. Let us know which one is your favorite & if you share them with someone this holiday season. We like to give cookie boxes to family, and friends who live far away. My granny always baked cookies and sent us a box full every year for Christmas.  And once that box was delivered, we all fought over who got to open it. And we always knew which type of cookies would be in there. I hope that my children have great memories like I do and that we can pass this down to my grandchildren. 


Christmas Cookies – Part One 

Stay close to see part two of the Christmas cookie recipes that will be posted next week. We are sure you will find your next family favorite somewhere in our lists of recipes! 



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