Apple Pie Flavored Desserts

Apple pie is a classic recipe that never gets old, even considering there are so many variations. If you’re a fan of apple pie flavor, you’re in luck! There are so many apple pie flavored desserts you can make at home (besides actual apple pie, of course) that you have to try at least a few even if your cooking skills are at the beginner level.

Many of the recipes I’ll be sharing below are very easy and I’m sure they’ll be an absolute hit if you decide to make them. If you’re wondering what kind of recipes can have apple pie flavor, you’re in for a surprise. Pancakes, ice cream, cookies, cupcakes, dumplings, taquitos….and even pizza! With that said, what’s your favorite apple pie flavored dessert?

  1. Baked Apple Pie Egg Rolls from
  2. Apple Pie Pancakes from
  3. Salted Caramel Apple Pie Ice Cream from
  4. Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls from
  5. Apple Pie Smoothie Bowl from
  6. Toffee Apple Pie Cookies from
  7. Apple Pie Cupcakes from
  8. Healthy Four Ingredient Flourless Apple Pie Blondies from
  9. Apple Pie Cake from
  10. Caramel Apple Pie Oreo Pops from
  11. Apple Pie Yogurt Parfait With Cranberries from
  12. Apple Pie Taquitos from
  13. Apple Pie Bars Recipe from
  14. Apple Pie Dumplings from
  15. Apple Pie Pop-Tarts from
  16. Apple Pie Pizza from
  17. Apple Pie Bites from
  18. Apple Pie Cookies With Cinnamon Whipped Cream from
  19. Apple Pie Cheesecake from
  20. Apple Pie Baked Oatmeal from



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