Southern Hospitality, It’s a Southerner Specialty

Southern Hospitality

Here in the South, we have at least one thing right, and that is good old-fashioned southern hospitality! The definition of southern hospitality is “Being gracious, show kindness, and add warmth to others.” These 3 things will show your friends and family love and hospitality!


Mothers and Grandmothers had just about the same set of Manners, as they would call it, that every child needed to learn and do.  I thought we would go over a few and see if you remember any of these and do you still practice Southern Hospitality.


Always Send a Thank You Card

Sending a thank you card was just a given here in the south. There were always just set reasons why I would send a Thank You card. And anything new came up, you can be sure they would let me know it. There was the normal Thank You card when I was given a gift or if someone had me stay in their home overnight or even just for a meal. But as I got older, I also noticed that a nice Thank You card went a long way just to tell someone that you were thankful for them in your life or for something they may have done for you. Thank You cards have always been a way here in the South.

Southern Hospitality


Keep a Stocked pantry of different Snacks & Drinks for Your Guests

There is nothing worst than wanting to invite someone home with you after a church service or event but remembering that you don’t have anything in the pantry to offer them. More people miss an opportunity to offer hospitality to guests because they don’t have anything to offer as a freshly made snack or beverage! Keep your pantry stocked up with an assortment of coffee, teas, waters, and make a drink for anyone you have over to your home. Also have a few items for a quick snack, sweet or savory, to offer at the last minute. It will make them feel at home in your home!



Just Be Kind to Friends & Strangers – Southern Hospitality

The simplest acts of kindness towards anyone can go a very long way in their day. Hold the door open for those behind you, say thank you to anyone that helps you, smile at people as they are serving you at the bank, store, or restaurant, and say please when you ask for something. Being kind to others can benefit you and make you happier. You just never know when someone is having a bad day or going through a battle.


Show Acknowledgement to Your Family & Friends on Birthdays & Special Events in Their Lives

It means so much to your friends & family when you go out of your way to acknowledge their birthdays and special events in their lives. Things like promotions and new jobs, buying a home, graduations, and having children may seem like every day occurs but they could be such monumental and life-changing moments in their lives Taking the time to say congratulations, and even going as far as getting them a small gift can mean the world to someone, and make your relationship even better. 

Southern Hospitality



Make Your Overnight Guests as Comfy as Possible With Southern Hospitality

Offer your overnight guests a comfortable and private place to sleep even if you don’t have a guest room. Having a basket of small toiletries, or a stack of fresh towels and perhaps even have a fresh water bottle sitting somewhere so they know it is for them. I also love the little signs I have seen with the home Wi-Fi password posted in the guest room or kitchen/family room area, and an extra phone and Apple watch charger sitting out for them to feel welcome to use. Your guests will feel right at home and welcomed with these simple ways to show hospitality.


Here Are a Few Recipes or Round-Ups To Help You Show Southern Hospitality


Southern Hospitity


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