Garden Tips With Succulents


Today we are offering our garden tips with succulents. Creating a potted garden with succulent plants is both easy and economical even for the beginner gardener. One of our best garden tips with Succulents is they store water in their roots, leaves, and stems, which means that you don’t have to water them very often.


Also, succulents are able to stay in the same pot for a long time which means you rarely need to re-pot your succulent plants. This means that anybody can have a beautiful potted garden filled with succulents and take care of them, even if they are short on time or rarely home.


Another great thing about planting succulents in a potted garden is that they can be planted almost anywhere: on patios, by sidewalks, in hanging window baskets, hanging off a deck or railing, or in baskets supported by a column. Even if you live in a tiny apartment or dorm room, you can keep a potted garden full of beautiful succulent plants.


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These garden tips with succulents will help you be successful at creating a beautiful potted garden filled with succulents.


Use a Regular Potting Mix

Succulent plants adapt easily to normal potting mixes. You should avoid any potting mix that claims to retain moisture or has moisture retaining substances listed on the label. Succulents already hold a lot of water and retaining extra moisture could potentially damage the succulent plants, or at least keep them from growing to their fullest potential. Succulent plants will also get too wet if saucers are placed underneath the pots so avoid using saucers in a potted garden holding succulents.


Water Once Every 2-3 Weeks

If your succulents are stored outside and you get rain fairly often, don’t bother to water the potted garden at all. It’s a good idea to store a potted garden with succulent plants outside if you are going on a long vacation or if your potted garden is kept at a cabin or vacation home. If you do need to water the potted garden, make sure the potting mix is very dry before watering. If there is any moisture in the potting mix, the succulents don’t need to be watered yet.


Succulents Can Be Sensitive

Succulent plants tend to be fragile, so you should handle them gently. If possible, wear gardening gloves while working with succulents. This will help protect your hands from the sharp thorns of succulent plants. Succulents are also sensitive to cold weather which is why a potted garden with succulents should be stored indoors if the temperature goes below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Fortunately, succulents are not very susceptible to diseases and it is rare for a potted garden with succulents to be infested by pests.


Succulents can be found at most garden centers and garden supply stores and pots and potting mixes for potted gardens are also easy to find at garden centers. These plants are beautiful, functional, and easy to care for which is why you should consider adding succulents to your potted garden.



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