Now Is The Time To Try Freezer Cooking….Once a Month!


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Have you ever thought about stocking your freezer with meals that are ready to go at a moment’s notice? Do you find yourself in the middle of an afternoon with no clue what to have for dinner? Or are one of us that totally forgets to take something out of the freezer in time to cook?


I am ALL of the above!! LOL…  Just depends on the day as for which one I am. But the reality is, I need to feed my family and they are counting on me to do so. I do have 2 daughters still living at home and yes, they know how to cook.  But they are gone all day and come home hungry. If they have the day off, they like to jump in and cook dinner for us.


So I have found to help me take care of my family, freezer cooking is the way to go. And the way the Once A Month Meals works, it makes it even easier. I love that I can either pick a menu that is already made up or put my own menu together from their recipes. Once I have my meal plan ready, I can click to download my shopping list, the recipe, and the cooking instructions.


I will admit that sometimes I buy my meat when it is on sale and I stock up on it.  So when I have plenty of ground beef, ground turkey or chicken, I will cook just this meat up ahead of time and then freeze it till I am waiting to use it for a meal.  This is what I like to call “baby-steps” for learning how to freezer cook with Once A Month Meals.


You find all types of menus on their site.  Here are just a few:

  • Gluten Free Dairy Free
  • Paleo
  • Traditional
  • Vegetarian
  • Real Food
  • Instant Pot
  • Slow Cooker
  • Keto


So if you have pondered the thought if freezer cooking is for you, now is the time to try out Once A Month Meals!


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