Once A Month Meals is Having A SALE!

It’s that time of year that we all look for easier ways to schedule our lives and our family’s lives. One of the main areas I need to schedule is my meal plan.  The shopping, the menu plan, and then the actual cooking.


Wouldn’t you like to have something that would make this part of your life easier? Something that does the thinking for you. Something to make your grocery list for you as you plan your menu. Wouldn’t you love to help with knowing how much to buy for a certain meal and a certain amount of people for that meal?


Where OAMM Comes In to Help

This is where Once a Month Meals comes to the rescue! All that you need to do is point and click to make up your menu, put in how many you need to feed, and then watch it do the work for you. Print out the shopping list, check off what you already have in your pantry or freezer, and then head to the store to get your items.  Once you are ready, print out the recipes (if needed) and put your freezer meals together.  Each day you decide what sounds good for dinner and follow the directions according to that meal.  There is “dump n go” meals, slow cooker meals & some that you only need to thaw and bake.


Take a few minutes to look at the free menu they offer as a sample and then HURRY and sign up for your membership & save 15% off your membership cost!


Head Over To Once A Month Meals TODAY! The Sale ends on Sept 8, 2021, at 5 pm ET but they offer a free sample of menu planning and recipes all the time! 


Find out how we  meal plan in our home here: 

Once  A Month Meals

Meal Planning & Staying On Track 

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