Essential Summer Beach Bag Items

Essential Summer Beach Bag Items


Whether you are headed out to a relaxing beach day or living the dream of a full beach vacation, bringing along the proper essentials in your beach bag is a must if you want to maximize the time that you spend soaking in the sun and enjoying the coastline.


Our List of MUST HAVE Items: 

When it comes to sun protection and looking fabulous, packing a beach hat is an absolute must. Not only does it protect your scalp, but it also protects your neck and face from the sun’s damaging rays. Bye, bye sunburn!

Beach Hat


Sunglasses are an obvious beach trip requirement, but you should know that it’s best to avoid bringing an expensive pair with you to the beach because they can get lost and damaged. There are plenty of inexpensive options from which to choose, so pick a stylish pair for your beach bag.




No matter how old you are, protecting yourself from the sun is important. Be sure to bring along sunscreen so you don’t have to deal with a painful sunburn the next day or put yourself at risk for skin cancer. Concerned about your golden bronze tan? No problem! Plenty of quality tanning oils contain SPF so you can protect yourself and get a nice tan at the same time.




You are going to be surrounded by sand and water, so your phone may be at risk for many forms of damage. Purchase a waterproof phone case or pouch to keep your phone protected while at the beach. Many of these products are touch-sensitive too so you don’t have to remove your phone just to change the song or text your friend back.

Water Resistant Phone Case or Pouch


Ideas for Staying Hydrated:

You don’t ruin your beach day by getting dehydrated – so pack along a couple of water bottles of your favorite drink in your insulated thermos and remember to sip away throughout the day.


Water Bottle


It’s almost a given that the sun and saltwater will dry out your skin so it’s crucial that you use an after-sun moisturizer to give your skin the hydration that it’s lacking. Keep your skin moisturized and glowing so you can show off that fabulous tan!


After-Sun Moisturizer


You never know when you may need extra coverage. So pack a cute dress that’s easy to toss on over your swimsuit. This one can pass as a summer dress, so going from the beach to dinner will be easy.

Swimsuit Cover-Up


It’s always a good idea to carry a pair of flip-flops in your beach bag. Even though you want to sink your toes in the sand, sand can be hot! These lightweight and waterproof flip-flops are just the things to protect your feet.

Flip Flops


More Summer Tips For You! 

We want to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy the summer. Take time to read this great article also! 

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